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25 July 2010 @ 10:59 pm
Title: Wrong
Ship: Chloe Sullivan/ Bart Allen
Spoilers: Chloe comes home to find something wrong with Bart.
Word count: 545


Chloe knew as soon as she saw him that something was wrong. He was lying on the floor, something he often did, but that wasn’t what worried her. Bart Allen was never unmoving, even in his sleep his feet would twitch constantly, as if itching to get running. He wasn’t moving at all, his chest wasn’t rising and falling with his breathing. She raced toward him her thoughts spinning, trying to find a logical reason for his stillness. She landed next to him on her knees, her hands fluttering over him unsure what to do. She searched his body for injuries and finding none she was half convinced he’d jump up with a, Gotcha ‘licious! But he didn’t, he stayed still while she sobbed his name. She shook his shoulder to no avail.

Yesterday in the Watchtower he and Victor had been wrestling around and he’d hit his head on a desk. He’d shook it off and said he was fine. She had been concerned at the time but after five minutes he was running around again with a smile on his face. Every once in a while he’d wince and touch the spot where his head collided with the desk. She felt so guilty now, she should have made him settle down so she could look at it, but she had hardly given it a thought. He seemed fine!

It didn’t take long for Oliver to find her in their apartment sobbing over him. He rushed over to them and checked Bart’s pulse. Eyes widening in surprise when he didn’t find one. She couldn’t talk to him, she barely acknowledged him. He called 911 in the hopes that there would be some way to save him but she knew better. He’d been dead before she got home, before Oliver had found her with him. He would be DOA and there was nothing she could do. It was one of the many times he’d gotten hurt and she’d wished that she still had her meteor power. She just wanted to see him smile at her, to laugh, to tell her he loved her. She wanted Bart Allen alive. She wanted to have gotten the chance to tell him again that she loved him, just to be sure that he knew.

There was an autopsy that proved the head injury had been the cause of his untimely death. It hardly mattered why he’d died, to her it only mattered that he had. She couldn’t bear to be in their apartment alone. It was filled with his things or things that made her heart ache because of the reminders they brought. She could hardly step inside without someone holding her up. She knew she couldn’t sleep in the bed they shared, the smell of him on the pillow would be enough to send her over the edge. God, how she missed him. She missed him in a way that years ago, before she stopped ignoring his advances, she never thought she would have. She almost wished that she had never give in and said yes to him, it would have saved her from feeling this bad now. But she could never regret that she fell in love with him. She could never regret, or forget Bart Allen.
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